World- Wide...I will Survive

Did you know that the last pandemic to rock this world was labeled in 1981 as the HIV/Aids Virus (which still hasn't been cured). Before that in 1957 it was the Asian Flu ( after over 1 million deaths worldwide a vaccine was created). What am I saying? Covid19 is not the first pandemic to strike, I gave the 2 most recent, yet I discovered in my recent plagues dating back 1000 years. Covid will leave, it cant stay and we should not give it more power than it deserves.

Did you know that the more you believe in something and encourage it, the more power you give it. Notice in the past 5 years or more, beyond church, people have been warring to get us (people universally) to change the things we say. Your tongue has the power to destroy or bring to life what you say- even if the words are spoken in ignorance. We are more encouraged now than ever to change our thoughts so that they align with what we truly believe, and then can be manifested gloriously in the earth.

Personally I love the wave of manifestation that has hit people. Manifestation is not only belief based but it is practical steps in motion as well. Confidence is key, and your source has to be powered up. What do I mean by source? I mean that one has to feed and nourish the being that is the reason for your belief system. Since im not afraid of offending or in shame- I am referring to God. Since its important that we acknowledge him by name, SAY IT LOUD- JESUS!!!

Ok, where am I headed with this? You have to put spiritual and positive practices in the same place. This is where your affirmation comes from. One scripture that I currently use as an affirmation today and for a long time coming is Psalm 91:10. "No Evil Shall Befall Me, Neither Shall Any Plague (Corona) Come Nigh My Dwelling"... Say that over and over and find out what power you actually feel. In connect with inspiration, belief, and viola any sickness that ails you can be cured. "Not by Might, and Not by Power- But by you Spirit God, Send YOUR SPIRIT GOD!" We need miracles, signs, and wonders...we need corona to go away and some other terrors as well.

What am I saying, we hold the power, we hold the pen, God has the plan, all we have to do is follow the steps and win. Imagine if you got yourself and your household on the wave of same belief, saying that scripture, affirming that no sickness has to rome the earth causing major breakdowns..what could we change next. This is not about culture or community, its about people. We all have to live in this world, share this earth, and for as much as some hate it, reside in the same spaces. Then why not help bring our environment back into alignment.

Do not give Corona or another issue in your life power that it does not deserve. It is easy said but takes much intentionality to create the habit that will allow you to manifest this behavior to see the reward of it. Everyone feels the pressure, but we do not have to crack!

Stay up, remain encouraged, and believe without a doubt that we will see this thing vanish as if it never came. #coronagoaway!

Until Next time! Love Ya'll- Like and Subscribe:-)

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