The Look, The Touch, The Feel of Beauty!

So, Beauty has character traits. You are not just stunning, there is a whole vibe to you. There is a version of you that is so fabulous it seems that she only exists in your head!- Not True. There is a way to develop your touch and your feel to your beauty. Im preparing for a wardrobe update, after this maybe you too, if only in touches and feels- make sure you build and show up 100% you!

1. Style! Don't we all have it? ( its subjective), but the items on runways are not there for no reason. Those items are premium, they are luxury, and they tend to be combined in a way that leaves us jaw dropping baffled, or jaw dropping in love. The components that we use to create the styles that we love is a whole feel. There are people in the mainstream that help connect us to eccentric fashions that we absolutely adore. I want to list a few of my style favorites!

Social Media: Mia Ray! Kierra Sheard! & Pinterest (lol).

If you want to add a touch of flava, create a new look, build an image, update a closet, Pinterest is your GO TO GIRL!

2. The Feel. When you think about how something feels or how someone feels, what is closest to your nature. Do you feel professional, do you look professional, have you made professional touches? Do you feel bad & boujee, do you look bad & boujee, have you added those touches to give you that boujee feel? LOL- what is boujee ( real questions deserve real answers)!

Me personally, I love a look that is so warm and stunning! The kind of looks that I love have color, and style, zeal and zest, they have a unique feel that comes from the inside ( images below). And you know I have to... Your makeup is a touch to your feel, to your vibe. That may even be esthetically, your skin having a radiant , clean, and clear glow- with a touch up to the brow, mascara, and lip gloss, with a cute head wrap, and boom! You have created a season honey! When you look at you, do you feel the vibe of you, or do you dane to be what you see on social media? Turn the tides! It is truly time to be yourself, that is how we grow, bless people, walk in purpose, find out we are GREAT at a plethora of things, and be happy with self.

This one is all about feeling comfortable in the vibe you have to offer! #prettyvibesonly is all about you! Being beautiful in your space is more than a picture on social media, it's a glow and look that turns heads. Major component: Confidence. I have seen some hideous outfits and have worn some-lol. But the confidence in who I was/am, the confidence in your look, your feel, your touch creates a painting of you so beautiful that it cannot be ignored.

The major thing i've been told lately concerning style is too- look like what you are becoming and who you want to be!!! I am so excited about that aspect of the journey. I do not want to hide away my true self, my God ordained self, my colorful vibrant and happy self. I want to magnify it on the journey I am on in the beauty industry, as a writer, as a vlogger, and within my other talents.

I do hope you enjoyed this piece of fun read- designed to take you away from a bit of the daily stress.

This is designed to keep your cog wheels turning about you honey! I'm doing it about me too, these things are healthy, deserved, and needed.

DO NOT forget to moisturize, drink your water, and mind the business that pays you!

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