Pretty Vibes Only!

When you think about makeup, have you considered how that makeup fits your style. Your look must be a whole vibe . Why? Sis when you walk out the door and into the world, everyone sees your light shine. Your style slays the workforce, school system, and many more places. They see all that you have to offer. You have the power to change the mind and influence nations into harmony or chaos- (please choose harmony lol). Did that seem extreme? It’s not- God gave your something powerful woman! It is for more than you know. Ask him and see😊.

To keep on topic (in my auntie voice), ladies you have so much character and your makeup reflects the same. There is makeup for every day, makeup for your wedding day, there is makeup for the business meeting, makeup for school meetings, make up for work, makeup for church, makeup for a night out, makeup for da house. The aspects are limitless, did you know you can wear makeup that will have your sweats and t-shirt ppppooooppin’. This is what I am saying to you, there is no limit to how dope you can be when you style your makeup and bring the whole image together. Below is a few things to consider in the process.

Thing (1) to consider: Event or outing or inning.

Thing (2) to consider: outfit, style and colors _ Let’s be complimentary

Thing (3) to consider: Do NOT allow trend to influence your look 100% of the time. Be you whether that is chill or thrill.

Thing (4) to consider: How do you want to feel when you look in the mirror?

Let’s unpack that. There are many ways to achieve the look, you may be a base and lip-gloss girl. You may be Brow, lash, and red lip girl, you may be a full glam- structure my cheeks and leave me on fleek girl! Every option is available to you, but how do you feel when you look in the mirror. Hide nothing, ensure that you are empowered and ready to meet the world. With makeup we have the power to inspire trends. When you think of topnotch makeup you think of beauty brands, however, I want you to think of influence as well. Be influenced by those around you. Be influenced by YOU!

On Facebook and Instagram, I am going to post an image and I want you to drop your makeup style there, let’s do a style guide. It is high time you are commended for taking ownership, unique detail orientation, color classification, skin type, clothing type, event type, and anything that is your type to make it your own and slay the world with your image and influence.

Out of all that I have stated I want you to see how connected you are to the beauty industry. Trends set the pace, but in truth the everyday woman leads the pack. Women love to feel timeless, that aging is slow, that their style is more than enough. These things remain when the temporary effects of trend disappear. Your style is a statement to be heard.

Just a little inspiration. You got this sis. Until next time…MWAH!

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