Passion or Passive?

What exactly are you passionate about? As I look at myself in this climate of covid-19 pandemic and racism being warred against. I said to myself that we owe it to ourselves and our legacies to dig as deep as our forefathers and foremothers and make ish happen. Seriously. The one thing that we can all resonate with concerning our heritage is the loss of wealth, being made to feel less than, being made to feel wrong for being born. I went on a research hunt. It hit me, a spark of inspiration. I just turned 32 on 6/23- 2 days ago, I needed to find the women that looked like me and was breeding success into our modern culture. I could not find many women like me.

What do I mean by like me. She is young, thriving, under 40, a person of color (black), she is a mom, an entrepreneur, she is elevated and unafraid, and I quickly saw, she is not noted often. Yes there was beyonce, oprah, rihanna, and even some african based millionaire and billionaire women on the covers of forbes and more so black enterprise. I was saddened by this because on a daily basis we see media moguls, mobile moguls, business moguls but they are not mentioned, unheard of, and women like me and you miss an opportunity to meet a woman of substance, who just like us has a story that she didn't allow it to stop her.

I've decided that im going to note the women I find daily on my stories, its important. We need to see us. More importantly, I am ready to see me and you. Making a notable mag cover is astounding, having wealth and power to change lives is inspiring, making sure our children stop seeing poverty and growing up without parents because we are knee deep in work that doesn't bring us happiness, enough finance, or ability to develop ourselves. I am passionate about digging deep and bringing vision, goals, and wealth to live in various ways. The first way is developing a true peace of mind and putting God first in all that I do. Without him I couldn't live, move, or have my being. Next, I have to work my arse off!!!

Listen, what are you passionate about. You can work a full time job and be a fashion designer, be a chef, offer a child literacy program, paint, makeup, write books, build and craft things we have never seen. You don't have to give up your job. Me personally I am excited to outgrow my job and exceed my goals for what God has which is much better than anything I can think. But I cannot doubt as a sincere friend told me, I cannot allow the enemy to have my mind! I must keep going.

We often speak to writing the vision and making it plain, and now with technology we can develop ways to see the vision physically such as the vogue noir cover I created. But I want a forbes cover, a black enterprise cover, an essence cover. If I see one or the three I have made a way for my son ( my legacy) to see even more than me. I will have torn down the walls that have had my family and people bound. It takes a lot of work to get to those places and spaces but I believe God that I will be in the 40 under 40! He gave me too much fire to let it fizzle out watching life turn grey and ugly, poverty ridden, and just another statistic. I am more, you are more, WE are MORE!

Are you passionate or passive? Are you allowing your days to go buy waiting for support that may not come, waiting for a push, looking at others saying they are doing to much, looking at yourself saying you aren't doing enough. Today I need you to choose to do the MOST! We live in a time where we don't have to settle or sell. We can create wealth, invest, distribute, develop, and expand as far as we want to. I am passionate about building strong business that creates culture and opportunity. My mindset has shifted, im no longer passive, watching passers by. I need to see you make the same shift sis. It's time to win!

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