New Year Resolution or Reservation

Happy New Year! We are hours into the new decade and it feels good! Yet, yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow is tomorrow and those goals you set are at the forefront of your thoughts. 2019 we did the same thing. How will 2020 differ for you? If I may, I want to share a perspective that I gained and hopefully it will help you beauties too.

My perspective is that " Nothing shifts until you shift it ,and it starts with you!" This blog post will not be lengthy but will be right to the point. People have spent all of 2019 encouraging, inspiring, encountering, developing, molding, shaping, shifting, sifting, and so much more that makes them capable of climbing the mountain of peace and happiness. I want to debunk something-overnight success. It does not happen over night. For some of us the battle will be hard fought, though each was designed for success we will not all find it the same way.

You will work for success, you will have to ask God to establish your peace of mind, you will have to remove some sad people to get your happiness, then clarity will come as a balm and soothe your wounds, so that you can walk in victory and purpose. Here is the thing about purpose. Don't be fooled into thinking that your purpose is your own doing, it is not and it belongs to God. Here is the proof of what has been said about your purpose " A man’s heart plans his way,But the Lord directs his steps. -Proverbs 16:9"

Yes I went there, I went to the word, we will all need it in this season more than ever. But, what am I saying here. You can be the next ceo ( Im working toward the same goal), You can be the next Influencer, the next ET or Top public speaker, you can be the next established network builder, serial entrepreneur, mompreneur, because all of those things are apart of purpose. Yet, it will not arrive the same as the one that inspired you, for God plans our steps. Each journey is so different and so unique that you can only walk your own path to success.

Last debunk- I want to have something for everyone. Nope! You are not for all people!!! You will be for those you are called too. ( Ring the alarm, this is something I had to wrestle with and come to terms with). Am I telling you things you do not know? Of course not! I am confirming what you thought ,as well as where you are, I speak to me as well. We have to scale toward what is real and true, if we take care of God's business he will take care of ours. That doesn't mean to church out your business or leave out certain steps because you feel you can't do it. That means that you will get your success in a foundational way and there is nothing wrong with that.

Being foundational means that what you build can not be easily demolished.The foundation will always remain, giving you room to restructure if need be, build new if need be, refurbish the original if need be. Do not disconnect, instead reconnect. Let your NEW YEAR resolution be to live,and build in a way that connects you to people. Connecting to the right people slows sates the need to question or hide from saboteurs. If not then you will see everyone as vultures, and you being the prey having to defend everything that you do and stand for. "Ain't nobody got time for that- dont get turned around out here with these folks!" It's not a new year for a new you. It is a new year for a revived, stronger, wiser, more developed, unafraid, determined, knowledgeable you and no one can take that from you.

Last thing. Write a personal and professional goal list. determine your core values. Check your decision making ( I found out that mine wasn't too good- you grow and you learn), build your vision in writing and work through tangibly and intentionally. Get a mentor(s), drink your water, moisturize, smile, vent and do not complain( I did lots of complaining 2019, 2020 I will vent when needed and move on), smile and be the best you that you can be. Flourishing and excelling is what will happen when "you do you" the way God intended, not for peoples pleasure. Love Ya'll. Happy New Decade!!!

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