Let's Have A Beauty'Sation!

Good Morning! This is the day after my birthday and I am still so very excited to see 32 years old! Wow!, time flies. I am writing to you to make you aware of what I have been working on and launching. Some of you are already engaged, but, you may have missed my IG Live last night explaining in depth what a Beauty'Sation is and how it benefits you! Here are some questions I answered.

What is A Beauty'Sation?

A beaty'sation is a beauty based conversation between you and me varying from skincare, makeup, and style to so much more. These topics will include guests that educate us and give us different angles to think from concerning our own beauty and image.

Where do I find the beauty'sation?

My new beauty community "Let's Have A beauty'sation" is located on Facebook. However, the beauty'sation does not happen there. The beauty'sation is held on virtual private platforms such as zoom. This allows me to see you, vice versa. Also we can actually have a conversation about the topic. You can ask questions and get answers, you can give your opinion, and who knows- you may actually get the spotlight for the evening.

What do we do aside from talk?

Beauty'Sation will always have a look and see. Something that you will visually see and learn about from products, to tips, tricks, and techniques. These are not full tutorials, but mini breakdowns that allow you to tangibly see the topic in action while you learn and engage.

How long is a beauty'sation?

I have prepared beauty'sation to be at most 1 hr and as little as 45 minutes. I do not want to absorb a lot of your time. Life is happening and so are you. This is beneficial in that you don't have to listen to me only, you get to take part in what makeup artist(s) and beauty guru's see and learn from a different angle. You are in the "know" first, and you don't have to take my solid word. Your experiences may have some objections that will change my thoughts, vice versa.

Why would I join a beauty'sation?

You can watch youtube, you can jump on the facebook live and text, you can see the ig live and jump on and off, you can tweet about it. But, you can't stop your guru or artist online and ask them questions that matter to you, you can't verify the education you are receiving

(always). Some are very clear and I want to make sure that is stated but many are not. I am offering you a chance to set your own standard of beauty in a way that allows you to take part in the process, not watch the process only.

When is the beauty'sation happening?

It will not be the same time each week, nor will it be the same topic- which is why you need to jump in my community, on my email list, or get in my dm so that you can be kept abreast!

The first beauty'sation is tonight! 6/24/2020 and you don't want to miss a chance to make history as a first and founding attendee. The topic will be "The Skin you are In." lets talk skin care and I will show you how I have been achieving my flawless base in my makeup routine.

The Beauty'Sation will be on my Zoom...For you the code and password is below! I hope and pray that you can join me from 6-645 pm cst. Let's have a Beauty'Sation!

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