It is selfie Time...!

Have you ever looked at your own self and labeled her. What do you mean Jess? I mean take a picture of you, step outside of yourself and look at the woman in the photo. She tells a story, she has a message, and she has wounds. Many times I look at my pictures with and without makeup. I look at them to study me. To study the woman that I called ugly, I called her the bottom of the barrel because I was unconfident, heavy weight, dark skinned, and not well cared for by those who were supposed to love me, I was not properly cared for by myself as well (we must assume responsibility). In studying myself I found that I was healed from some things and still needing to be rescued from others.

Beauty is not all physical. It is a mental state of being that allows you to be free within yourself, or die to the world & its expectations given by close loved ones, social media, and even one's perspective of themselves. You see, when I changed my perspective of myself, I was able to see the wounds that I needed to treat more clearly. I had to treat my wounds with self acceptance, self-love, God's word about me (we are made in his image) & more, as well as coming to terms with some ugly truths. One ugly truth I faced is that I valued people way more than they valued me. I supported and sacrificed for people who saw me as insignificant and was not willing to reciprocate. That is all fine, It grew me up in the end.

But, does that mean you are not worthy of elevation? Heck NO! That makes you all the more worthy. Set boundaries with people and be accountable to self. Not one earthly person will protect you the way you can protect you. You have to know you. Your journey is not in vain! Your fall downs were not for pain and scrapes alone, they are to give you wisdom, grace, and to take you to another level in your faith. "He gave her beauty for ashes", allow the old you to burn away and that woman on the inside that is waiting to be let out of he chains be loosed. She is beautiful, confident, healthy, strong, creative, wise, endeavoring, ambitious, unyielding, smart, scaling her lifestyle ( not for the gram but for her legacy), she moves fluidly in crowds of ne sayers, she builds upon nothing and creates everything. She is unafraid to be the woman she didn't have, and she is unafraid to become the woman that others need.

Girl! I could go on, but instead...take a photo and tell me what you see...until next time. chow!

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