I'm Black and I'm Proud!

This is not about black lives only (though painstakingly we get the worst of all brutality), yet there are dark skinned and browned skinned beings in so many cultures we stand for all of those shades black people when we say, I am a person of color, I am black, and I am proud! This is about the position we have held in life, its changing. We are no longer ignorant or fearful, we are strong, brave, and our names have been changed. We have suffered vilolence and now we take our freedom by force.

The show up has been real amongst cultures. People have been supporting each other, nations around the world is standing for injustice because its not just hear, but we get it the worst, what happened to George Floyd and every other person of color in this country is outlandish. Racial lines have been evoked since biblical day. Moses himself had an Ethiopian wife and people talked about him and her, why? (Though the bible only denotes her nationality and not a full description of her) Naturally she’s dark skinned and she is not one of their own, but God put a stop to it. Just as he will do the injustices that have been experienced here.

I need you to know as a reader, no matter the complexion color, it is essential for you to show up in every way that God has demanded. These injustices have rippled across the country, and people of all nationalities are protesting together; white, black, Asian, Latino, European, and I even caught a post where the Amish stepped in. What am I saying? You are not alone; people’s eyes are opening, and the battle is being fought and that won't stop.

Keep standing and fighting for what is right. You can do that in your business, your nonprofit, your organization, your online presence. Do not stop showing up for the audience that believes in you, families that believe in you, be the strongest you've ever been! This is the season for the win. 2020 has brought in some major shifts that I believe we thought we would see in the year 2000 lol, God said not so, and the devil tried it! We are a powerful and chose people just like everyone else. My bible said that which is last shall be first. We are first and as a culture the time of being last is coming to a major close. I write this with solidarity. I want you to understand the position of power you hold in voting, finance, arts, education (which can never be taken from you), your gifts can never be taken from you, these things can only advance you.

My last statement, what am I saying...the world can pressure you into silence and holding your head more hiding, you are extraordinary, and you deserve to be seen in your best light, heard with your strongest voice and message, recognized with achievements. Anything that you have said you cannot do, YES YOU CAN! The outrages are no excuse, they are a reason for you to show up and shine outrageously in every facet of your life. Speak life, bring unity (don’t allow injustice to feel you with hate), and create leaders that will make change.

Until next time, pray &read your word, chow!

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