FALL for it ALL sis!

Short post alert! We are embarking on a new season, Happy Fall! There is so much calamity in the world and you are part of the solution. There is word, gift, talent, wisdom, and grace to make action and get things done. It is right on the inside you. Imagine you showing the world what you have to offer in your image, your platform(s), your lifestyle, and your level up in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Girl. God is still blessing & pushing people to the next level. Stop being side tracked and unfocused...In essence get focused and get her done! This is your time to shine honey!

I have a few announcements for you: What is coming in October - December from DLC&M Beauty by Jess

  1. Ebook- "Girl Get Your Pretty Back." This book is my baby and I pray that it blesses you as it has blessed me writing it. I intend to have an online launch party!!! and You all will be invited, How much fun will that be. Launch Date dropping in October!

  2. T-shirt line and more! I want to bring the affirmation right to your door. I want you to dress it up and make it cute! Feel it when you wear it and wear it with authority because every word is true in you, and you are about to strengthen someone who takes the second to read it. Chile, we are about to shift some thoughts with fashion statements! #Period...Timeline will be shared with you guys always.

  3. The " Girl. Mind your Business Webinar!" I promised you this in my Friday night live and we are doing this. This is all about focusing and asking the right questions to get that business idea off the ground. You will be surprised at how little it takes to build and audience that will rock with you through the conversion processes. You will also be surprised to know that what you need is likely right at your fingertips. (A Plan sis). Date Coming soon!

These are some of the things coming down the pipeline starting in October. These things are sure to be just what you need in order to be more than inspired, more than motivated, but to get you up and moving in the right direction on your own journey. This journey isn't for the faint of heart, but it is for you. I believe in you 100% There is something so powerful inside of you, and all you need to do is release it. Release the Fear and Grab the Faith. As your makeup artist it's my job to deliver BEAUTY & INSPIRATION! I cannot wait to see what you create and just how fabulous you look doing it! See you Friday for my Friday Night live- the space where we serve looks and have real conversations that keep us in boss babe mode! Until Next time Chow!

pssst. Click the link for Friday Night Live and Make sure you are in my beauty community...we are turning it up this year, and next, and the year after. There is a bag to be had and we are getting it (wink wink). Spread the word.

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