Colors are a WHOLE Mood!

Hey hey Glow Girls! I want to chat with you briefly about the power of color and how it can matches your day, or set the tone for your day. I have had some experiences in this area, I just couldn't keep quiet any longer.

As a makeup artist I have the pleasurable job of serving women of all complexions, backgrounds, features, and desires. We prepare looks by the occasion, but what about the day? Did you know that they way you polish yourself can shift your day. That doesn't take 8 layers of makeup. It can require you to add and takeaway from your routine. Adding color while using less product for example. A beautiful wash of pink or red lipstick with a gloss can change the way you see your look and how you feel for the day.

Color psychology is what it is called, we do it so often, and we never actually realize the power that simple choices such as the aforementioned really has on our everyday routines or moods. I believe that we should connect the power of our beauty choices to our femininity. Femininity is your characteristics as a woman. Some of us are bold and daring, some of us are soft and subtle, and others of us is trying to find our way. We are learning ourselves and exploration has to happen. That is what I am here for!

Figuring out signature colors that will compliment your unique complexion is a journey. You get to have fun trying so many hues and variations or color that has the potential to match or shift the course of your day. This is such an empowering act and statement that simple washes of color can create for you. Just imagine trying colors that you have never worn in hues that compliment you the absolute best. Imagine learning and experimenting with color color placement in areas of your face that is flattering and fun.

Color can leave you feeling so sexy and enchanting. You can even level up your neutrals by incorporating washes of color to the color scheme that you have selected. And, lets not forget pure pigment. Allowing the color to be just as explosive as it was the moment you bought it. Your blue based reds, and pinks have this effect. They are the bam, boom, and pop of color that some of you need to feel like the bombshell that you are! never underestimate the power of color.

Here is a tip for the road. That baddie inside of you, that boss, that woman of strength and poise that is inside of you can be manifested. She is you and the choices that you make in your polishing routine is what truly helps you see that, amongst other areas. There is an aesthetic that fits you- whether it is bold or soft, it is yours! Be sure to own it...until next time. Chow!

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