Blush, Highlighter, & Confidence!

This is like a bad dream. Covid is looming, and my skincare routine is suffering! What do I do with that? I am screaming wake up, wakeup, and start each day fresh, grab your coffee or your smoothie and let's make magic. You will be surprised at how making this move in the mornings affects the way you lean into your day and get ish done. (literally, period)

One thing that I have learned as an artist is that less is much more on a daily routine, and you only need a few things to wake up your skin on the daily basis. If you do not have it, a morning cleanser is your friend. Why- you ask, a towel and water has always done the job. However, your pores secret oil all night. In the midst of sanitation we still have to consider dust particles in the air and potential bacteria in the air. You should have a night routine and a morning routine. Get a soft cleanser without those scrubbing beads, those are not healthy for every skin type if any.

Next you need a dope moisturizer. I am a ponds girl. $2 at the dollar store goes a long way in my routine and the routine I use on my clients. After cleansing your face add ponds and that moisture will be locked in with a luminous glow. Guess what, they have multiple kinds of ponds to meet skin aging needs, spf needs, dry skin needs, night moisture, you name it, for two dollars you have it.

Now that your skin is woke we need to add something soft to lock in that glow and I have two items that I love and they will absolutely do the trick. With all of that moisture you've added, you don't necessarily need a foundation. You can use a light layer if you're feeling it or a bb/cc cream, however its not always the necessity. Grab you a cream blush instead!

I have a few, fenty, color pop, bh cosmetics. Cream will lay on your moisturized skin and add that pop of color that you need to look fresh, awake, and alluring. Cream blush also has a natural highlighting glow, That soft wash of color in a peach, coral, or orange undertone is brown girl friendly and is just what you need to bring a natural skin finish to life without all of the other full makeup routine steps.

The second item in my arsenal is a cream or liquid highlighter. If blush is not your friend on a clean moisturized face, let it be highlighter. Why? Light reflects and makes textured skin look smoother, it is luminous, and on clean moisturized skin it will melt like butter ( applied while skin is still moist) and will give you this luminosity all day long. Check for that undertone though, you don't need to dry down ashy, or over illuminated, product can break up. Get that bronze glow and don't look back! My favorite is nyx, you can apply it in multiple places and your skin looks like skin with a beautiful glowy essence.

Girl you have gotten real tips this morning. I know you want and need more, I do have it for you. I am starting something beautiful to help you with your color choices so that you have confidence in selecting items that compliment your complexion and desired look. Colors that Compliment is launching friday, starting with a bold look and lots of education on undertones in your skin and products...Go check it for yourself sis.

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