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I love facial masks. In truth if you are not making a regular appearance at an estheticians office, a facial mask should be in your skin care routine more than once a week. Facial masks are closer and more affordable than you think. I love to shop Walmart's facial masks as they are 2 for 5.00.

There is one such facial mask that I truly enjoy which is my charcoal and manuka honey mask by the brand " By Nature." Let's talk about this, this particular mask is a clay mask. Take a spatula or your hand to apply, the substance is cooling and refreshing. More-so than the feel ,what are the benefits of clay to your skin. Clay facial masks are brilliant and natural. Utilizing the minerals of the earth, this technology does more for your glow than highlight does. Clay improves the immunity of your skin surface and keeps down inflammation. Check the below list of things that clay masks can do. ( this is a small list, you should always research to learn more about what your own skin needs are and tailor your masking needs to that.)

Anti-Bacterial: Heal Eczema, Dermatitis & PsoriasisDetoxifies

Purifies the SkinOxygenates


Shrinks Skin Pores

Regulates Sebum Production

Softer, Smoother & Glowing Skin

Rejuvenates & Regenerates the Skin

Improves Skin Tone 

It’s Completely Natural

The list goes on. The above things should tickle your senses enough to do some research. The healing properties alone are worth looking into for those with skin irritations and even diseases that have to be treated regularly. Facial masks are more than making skin soft and smooth, they should benefit the needs that you have and over deliver. Let's take this a step further and list some other types of masks that you can utilize to nourish your skin.

Sheet masks

Clay or mud masks

Cream masks

Peel- off masks

Gel masks

Charcoal masks

Sleep masks

And masks for specific areas such as eye masks and lip masks.

Each mask holds benefits that we will explore this month. I chose to start with clay because it is something that many of us is familiar with. Sometimes we don’t realize that the very things we use once or twice is adding more value to our skin's lifetime and is worth continuing in practice and in process. Check out my Facebook stories at Jess Campbell all month I will demo different types of facial masks and show each of you the noticeable differences that improves my skin.

Makeup Services and Facial masks:

Facial masks are part of my skin prep routine for clients if I see a need for it. I want my clients to feel pampered and taken care of, a quick mask to aid in bettering the texture of the skin is not beyond service that I am willing to provide in the beauty industry. For a bride masks can be utilized before the big day to clean and tighten pores, smooth texture, detox, and add a radiant glow that makes their makeup stunning and more skin like.

Because I am developing an artistry that allows my clients to feel pampered I take the limits off of the benefits that they receive. Trust me, this works. Expensive skin can be obtained in more than one way and facial masks will help you get there. Sheet or mud masks will be an artist's friend in this area. Many of them take a total time of 10-20 minutes application time and can be removed with a soothing warm towel or the serum can be pressed into the skin. Why would we press serum into the skin? This helps your skin absorb as many nutrients as possible, especially into the deeper layers of skin. Artistry is more than being pretty, it is making sure that your beauty is skin deep by the layers. It is making sure that you are confident and sure, that you feel as amazing as you look.

In the next blog we will explore some other types of masks from the lists above, and you will receive a quick and easy recipe to DIY masks for pore tightening and acne benefits.

Thanks for tuning in, until next time- Be inspired:-)

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